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About the session


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I am so excited to announce creative business coaching sessions! I started my business in November of 2011 and have grown my brand and company in this short time by realizing early on
that if I found my ideal client, my business would flourish. I would love to share what I have learned and help you take the next steps to help your business grow.
Marketing and SEO are HUGE passions of mine, I did not go to school for it but I think I am pretty dang good. I love how I get my ideal client, the one that hires me for me and not just
because I am a photographer. I believe that this is not an accident; it is mainly due to how I market my business and myself.
I also offer a shooting and editing coaching session and I have a session on blogging and focusing on how to blog, keywords, SEO tips and tricks, editing and editing workflow as
well as how to set up affiliate links for bloggers. And, best of all with ALL of these sessions you will be added into our online community to interact with others, ask questions and get new info once a week!

In your 3-hour session I will cover everything from on how to blog, keywords, SEO tips and tricks as well as tips on getting published. We will go into the back end of your blog and I will share with you how to master your SEO with a little help from using proper tools and sharing with you how to name images properly, link text to images and use keyword that will set you SEO on fire!
We will also go over publications, what the perfect write up looks like and what images to send in to capture attention.


In your 3 -hour session I will cover everything from shooting, editing and my editing workflow. This session will focus on nailing your images in camera so that you need to spend minimal time editing and doing work on the back end. We will cover white balance, settings my import and culling workflow as well as how I store and share images. For the Lightroom portion I will show you how I edit consistently and quickly to get my shoots out to wedding clients within 10 days of their wedding.

In your 3-hour session I will cover everything from social media, blogging, and targeting your ideal client via online social sites. I will review your website, social media sites as well as your blog and help you to find areas that you can improve to appeal to your target client. We will also discuss the steps to take to make these changes in your business. Learn how to use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest to help expose your business and brand. Learn how to get your work in front of more fans, create relationships with your followers, tagging for reach, scheduling posts, attracting the right audience for you and social media and credibility! How to always have content, when to post and how often! Using hashtags and geotags properly to gain followers .

Those interested in a coaching session are most likely going to be the go-getters, the business owners that REALLY want to see a change happen in their business. So if you are sitting on the fence, decide to jump off!

Together we will actively assess every area of your business that you need help with.
Before your session we will ask you to send over a few notes about your current market situation, what is your favorite part of your job, what is the most time consuming part of your job,
where you would like to see your business within in the next year and any other areas you think you would need help.
This will be FUN, but its not a hangout session we are going to WORK HARD!! You are investing money and time into this and so I want you to walk away with as many proactive steps as possible!!
You will need to take time to prepare before hand. Gather branding materials you already have or ideas of what you are dreaming of. This is NOT a design session, I won't be re-branding your business and designing logos, but I will be helping you cast a VISION for your business and what the next steps should be to get to the next level!!